Your Wellbeing Partner

We work with local health and wellness practices to give your employees easy access to a professional when they need it.

What We Do

We provide a range of services to keep your workforce happy and healthy.

Annual Health Check
Annual Health Check

Proactive care for your employees

Mobile App
Mobile App

Expert advice at your team's fingertips

Physiotherapy Clinics
Physiotherapy Clinics

Fast access to video consultations, on-site services and local clinics

Mental Health Counselling
Mental Health Counselling

Professional Counselling to support employee mental wellness

Sickness Management
Sickness Management

Employees absence assessment based on your sickness policy

Travel Health
Travel Health

Travel vaccinations and antimalarials to protect your health

Wellness Seminars
Wellness Seminars

Raise awareness and affect behavioural change

Video Appointments
Video Appointments

Talk to a GP from your mobile phone

We benefit you and your team

Flexible health and wellbeing solutions starting from £2 per person per month

Low cost employee benefit for your team

You have a healthier and happier workforce

Employees take less time off work

Employees have faster access to healthcare

You have decreased administrative costs

We manage sick leave and support return to work

You have improved productivity and retention

Employees no longer come to work whilst sick

Roman's Story

Roman works on the manufacturing line. He’s amazing with his hands, but his hayfever slows him down every summer. With DocHQ, he receives a reminder about his allergies in spring and gets a prescription in time to beat the high pollen counts. Finally, he’s able to enjoy the sun as much as he enjoys his work.

Debbie's Story

Debbie is responsible for a large number of employees and was finding retaining staff a real problem. Access to a low-cost employee engagement platform offers her staff perks and discounts, wellbeing tools, recognition and rewards as well as online learning. It has created a buzz around the business, increasing loyalty and enhancing skills.

Phil's Story

Phil often burns the candle at both ends. He’s a plumber and he’s in demand. The stress can often lead to chest infections. But now he’s signed up to DocHQ, a quick video phone call means a nurse can send a prescription to his local pharmacist within 24 hours. In no time, Phil is back to doing what he does best.

Sophia's Story

As a director of a growing business, Sophia has a lot of bases to cover. The last thing she needs as she arrives in the morning is staff calling in sick. The sickness management service from DocHQ is ideal for dealing with just those calls. She finds the real-time data and reporting particularly helpful as it allows her to help her employees when they need it.


is the cost of lost productivity by British firms through sick employees in 2018

Source: Mercer

of employers reported in 2018 that their employees come to work when they are sick

Source: CIPD

2 weeks

is the amount of time one in five patients waited for a GP appointment in Oct 2018

Source: BMJ

At DocHQ we want to help people to make informed health choices and inspire them to improve their quality of life. By providing fast medical support we can boost employee health and productivity.

Madhur Srivastava - CEO at DocHQ