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Proactive workforce wellness.

Empowering providers, businesses and employees with convenient health testing solutions for home and office.

  • Convenient testing kits for home and office
  • Bespoke employee care programs
  • Certified laboratory testing
  • GP-verified report and advice
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Transforming workplace health

Employee wellbeing is the heartbeat of a successful business. With DocHQ, your team can access convenient health tests, right from home or the office. We cover all aspects of wellbeing, from general health to specific areas like diabetes and heart health. Trusted by leading companies, we're here to provide timely health checks, bypassing lengthy NHS waitlists. Empower your workforce with DocHQ - your partner in health.


Stress and poor diet due to an erratic work schedule.


Age: 28

Background: George has just started a new job in the finance sector and has been struggling with work/life balance. He is experiencing work-related stress, there are few health checks to identify any potential health risks.


George found DocHQ Nutrition to be a lifesaver. Based on his health profile he was recommended Thyroid test, Vitamin test, Cholesterol and FBC test.

Personalised health checks for your employees

We take the time to find healthcare solutions that suits your unique employee needs. Then we deliver care through simple and accessible management of health testing.

1. Meet your DocHQ account manager

Plan health testing which fits your employee unique health needs

2. Begin employee onboarding and testing

Onboard employees and send unique tests to their homes.

3. Analyse workplace trends and recommendations

Prioritise employee wellbeing and help employees continue leading a fulfilling life.

Testing you can trust

  • All DocHQ at-home screening tests are analysed by experienced ISO and UKAS accredited UK laboratories.
  • Expert analysis at our specialist laboratories makes for reliable results.
  • Your online results report is GP-verified and includes doctors advice and recomendation.
  • Should your results be critical, a doctor will get in touch and support you through further steps you need to take.

Be a part of the 300,000+ customers', advancing their health and wellbeing from the comfort of their homes

We take the time to find healthcare solutions that suits your unique employee needs. Then we deliver care through simple and accessible management of health testing.

A personalised healthcare, uniquely tailored to the complete wellness lifecycle.

Our all-inclusive platform caters to diverse health needs, offering seamless, comprehensive access to essential wellness care.

Work stress

High levels of work-related stress affecting employees can manifest into physical stress.

Physical pain

Prolonged stress and poor posture can lead to muscle tension and stiffness in the shoulders, neck, and back, affecting employees' daily functioning and comfort.

Mental health

Employees struggling with pain and tension may experience sleep disturbances, affecting their energy levels, mood, and overal well-being.

Personalized plans

Discover how DocHQ crafts personalized well-being plans that adapt to employees' needs and progress, combining AI-driven insights and expert guidance for lasting result.