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Regulatory Information

DocHQ Physio Regulatory Information

Name of the device:

DocHQ Physio

Version number:

Date of manufacture:UKCA Company Icon


Manufacture contact details:UKCA Company Icon

HealthHQ Group Ltd
Teme House
Whittington Road
United Kingdom

Intended use:

Intended Users

The device is intended to be used by patients to perform prescribed physiotherapy exercises. The device is intended to be used by healthcare professionals to set condition relevant physiotherapy or biomechanical function assessment exercises and provides data on patient biomechanical function changes over time to assess progress of physiotherapy exercises performed.

Intended Use Environment

The device is intended for use in any setting where the patient has a clear floorspace free from obstacles to safely perform exercises within view of a compatible video capture device. The device can only be used with an active internet connection. This includes but is not limited to use in and around the home, outside locations, places of work, nursing homes and professional healthcare environments.

Instructions of use:

Your ability to access DocHQ Physio requires that you meet certain system requirements, which may be changed from time to time. These include one or more compatible devices with a camera, internet access (additional third-party fees may apply), and certain software (additional third party fees may apply), as well as obtaining updates or upgrades from time to time. We recommend using high speed internet access and connecting any such compatible devices and/or other hardware directly to an electrical outlet. If you cannot meet these requirements, the Services may be affected.

Instructions of use for patient

  1. Access DocHQ website
  2. Book a physio consultation and complete the pre appointment questionnaire
  3. Join a Physio assessment appointment
  4. Receive a treatment plan link through DocHQ Physio
  5. Complete your treatment plan whilst receiving real-time guidance and feedback
  6. View past exercise data

Instructions of use for physiotherapist

  1. Register with DocHQ
  2. Complete your DocHQ Physio onboarding training
  3. Join Patient appointment and complete patient assessment
  4. Assign treatment plan to patient
  5. Review treatment plan based upon patient data

Operating instructions, warnings, precautions:

DocHQ Physio includes features that support physical activity. You should consider the risks involved and consult with certified healthcare professionals and make your medical decisions based on their advice and your judgement before engaging in any physical activity. Your use of our Services is at your own discretion and risk.