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Annual Wellness Checks.

Choose the most comprehensive route to preventing employee illness before it starts, for a happier, healthier workforce.

  • Offer employees pain-free and convenient home testing
  • Detect staff illness early, to reduce claims costs and absenteeism
  • Utilise data-driven health insights to impact your wellbeing strategy
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What makes our Annual Wellness Checks different?

At DocHQ we blend cutting-edge technology and medical expertise to offer the most advanced annual health testing on the market. Our Annual Wellness Checks encompass AI health technology to detect everything from skin cancer and diseases to MSK issues. We use UKAS-accredited laboratories to deliver meaningful health insights from comprehensive blood analysis, to detect a multitude of cancers, hormone imbalances, organ function and more. For the gold standard in comfort and convenience, we offer pain-free testing employees can perform from home, with fast results and follow-up GP guidance on next steps. We also analyse each employee’s physical, mental and lifestyle factors to offer an invaluable snapshot of their current health status and what it means for them.

Convenient, pain-free testing

No appointments, no mess, no pain. Employees benefit from the latest in self-sampling technology with the innovative TAP® II blood collection device, eliminating time-consuming and costly medical venous blood draws and ensuring convenience, comfort and accurate results.

Heart Health

We provide a personalised assessment that predicts the risk of developing cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years. In addition, all of our kits contain a blood pressure monitor for your employees to keep, so they can stay on top of their heart health all year round.

Skin Health

Offer employees instant skin health assessments with our cutting-edge AI technology solution. From a simple photo of the skin, our tool identifies over 74 skin conditions including cancers and other diseases, to provide immediate and accurate insights into skin health.

Health Quotient score

Our Health Quotient scoring tool assesses mental, physical and lifestyle factors, offering each employee an instant snapshot of their health. As an employer, you can use this anonymised data to measure and improve the impact of your employee wellbeing strategy.

Physiotherapy and Fitness tools

We offer remote Physio and Fitness services as part of our Platinum and Diamond Annual Wellness Checks, offering personalised injury prevention and treatment plans from Chartered Physiotherapists and Level 3 Coaches - all delivered via our advanced AI motion-tracking software.

Choose from our comprehensive test packages


Our Gold testing package offers employees:

Cardiovascular Health

Liver and Kidney Function


Vitamin and Iron Levels

Stomach Health

Blood Health and Inflammation

Assessment of skin disease and skin cancer risks through advanced AI skin screening technology

Personalised Health Quotient score*


This advanced test package includes everything in the Gold package, plus:

Prostate and bowel cancer risk assessment via blood antigen rapid screening

Private consultation with a GP for personalised follow-up advice and guidance

Private consultations with a Private GP, Chartered Physiotherapist and a Level 3 Personal Trainer

Access to our AI movement tracking technology for fitness plans and treatment of MSK issues


Our most comprehensive employee health test package, includes everything in our Platinum and Gold panels, plus:

Lab screening for key male and female hormones for detection of prostate cancer and menopause

Lab screening for bowel cancer (replaces rapid antigen test included with Platinum package)

* A complete wellness snapshot of the individual’s health via physical, mental and lifestyle factors, which can be tracked and improved over time.

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Find your Health Quotient, your personal health score, combining physical, mental and lifestyle factors for a complete wellness snapshot
Detect high blood pressure levels that could put you at risk of conditions such as heart attack and stroke. We supply a blood pressure monitor for you to keep.
This blood test gives four key readings: Total Cholestrol, Triglycerides, LDL, HDL and Cholesterol Ratios
Stay ahead of Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes with our HbA1c essential check, for comprehensive blood sugar monitoring and effective diabetes management

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