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About Us

DocHQ, your wellbeing partner.

Our vision for healthcare is one that is driven by information, powered by technology, and accessible to everyone.

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Our Story

In 2018, tech professional Madhur Srivastava embarked on a journey to revolutionise the approach to employee benefits, insurance, and healthcare through the lens of technology. This led to the birth of DocHQ, a platform initially designed as a user-friendly telehealth service, before expanding its reach to include unique offerings such as travel healthcare for those journeying abroad.

With investment backing from Phixos Investments AG, a group recognised for supporting transformative solutions like the ones offered by Blakebrook Group, DocHQ broadened its potential, integrating advanced technology with comprehensive health and wellbeing solutions. Today, DocHQ stands as a wellness partner connecting businesses, providers, and consumers, offering services that range from Covid testing and travel medicine checks to AI-driven virtual personal training, physiotherapy services, and nutritional guidance.

Under Madhur's leadership, DocHQ has grown beyond its initial vision, transforming into a movement towards weaving health and wellbeing into the fabric of everyday life. DocHQ's story is a testament to the transformative power of technology in healthcare, heralding a new era where enhanced quality of life is the standard, not merely an aspiration.

Who we are?

DocHQ is a Health Tech company improving your choices.
We help you connect efficiently to health support and advice whether you are at home, work or travelling.

Our Vision

Our vision for healthcare is one that is driven by information, powered by technology, and accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

We are building a people centred, high-quality, integrated healthcare network using technology to access personalised medical answers and solutions to improve health and wellbeing.

The Team

Madhur Srivastava
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Simon Chaplin Rogers
Medical Director
Amit Arora
Chief Commercial Officer
Tiggy Corben
Physiotherapist Lead
Graham Carter
Operations Manager
Dr. Harjeev Rai
Occupation Health Consultant
Melanie Rutherford
Marketing Manager
Ilyas Kuanyshbekov
Tech Lead

More About Us

The DocHQ Way

Blending digital ease with expert insight.

DocHQ is a hub of wellness expertise. It’s here to help you make the best, healthiest choices for you, and to give you all the advice, encouragement and support you need. From AI powered online physiotherapy, fitness, health checks to nutritional advice, right through to access to online doctors, DocHQ is your wellbeing partner.




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