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Travelling with medicines?

You could face a fine, deportation or even imprisonment if you carry restricted medicines to certain countries without the correct supporting documents:

  • Tell us where you’re travelling
  • Find out if your medicines are restricted
  • Get the supporting documents and guidance to travel safely

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Simple steps

Step 1

Tell us where you’re going and the medicines you plan to take

Step 2

Find out instantly if your medicines are restricted or if you’re safe to travel without documents

Step 3

Need GP-verified documents? Buy Travel Medicine Certificate, which includes additional guidance for safe travel with your medicines


What is Travel Medicine Certificate?

Many countries impose restrictions on substances found in common medications, which can lead, in the worst cases, to jail sentences or deportation. Carrying a GP-approved Travel Medicine Certificate may be enough to travel safely through customs, but some countries require additional documents for certain strengths or quantities of your medicines. This can take up to 12 weeks, so plan ahead to travel safely.

Use our completely FREE online medicine checker tool to see if your medicines are safe to take to your destination country. If not, simply buy DocHQ Travel Medicine Certificate service, where a DocHQ GP will review your prescriptions and supply the correct supporting documents for your your medicines, or advise if you need to seek an alternative prescription. Included in the service is a Travel Guidance Letter, which will tell you about any further controls and restrictions at your destination country and where to source any additional documents you may need.

What does my Travel Medicine Certificate contain?

  • Date of issue, medical supervisor name, your name, date of birth and passport number
  • Travel details, destination, and departure and return dates
  • Details of prescribed medication, prescribing doctor’s name, and confirmation that medication has been reviewed and approved
  • Identification of any controlled or prohibited drug in any prescribed or over-the-counter medicines


What does my Travel Guidance Letter contain?

  • Indication of any controlled/prohibited drugs in your medicine
  • Destination country guidelines for restricted amounts that can be carried and the number of days you can travel with it
  • Authority to contact if you need to complete further forms
  • Advice for travelling with medicines


Medicine Restriction Data Sources.

Fit to Travel NHS
NHS digital


Your common questions answered

Absolutely. We want you to only pay for what you need to, which is why our free online tool allows you to check every active ingredient in every medication you wish to travel with against the rules and regulations of your destination country. You’ll find out instantly if your medicines are restricted and you need to purchase DocHQ Travel Medicine Certificate, or if you are safe to travel without documents.
We advise checking your medicine at least 12 weeks in advance of outbound overseas travel. Some countries require you to complete further documentation in addition to a Travel Medicine Certificate, which can take up to 12 weeks to process.
To check your prescription and over-the-counter medicine using our free online tool, you’ll need to tell us the active ingredient in your medication (you’ll find this on the packaging) and tell us where you’re travelling from and to.

If you need to purchase DocHQ Travel Medicine Certificate, you’ll need to tell us your travel dates and where you’re travelling to and from and what medications you wish to travel with, and upload relevant GP prescriptions and photo of your passport.
All certificates and documents are dispatched Monday-Friday. If there are no controls or restrictions at your destination country for any of the medicines you wish to carry, we offer a next-day service within the working week. We encourage you to plan ahead as far as possible, as any medicine restrictions will delay you receiving these documents and you may need to obtain further documents which can take up to 12 weeks to process.