Get fit with DocHQ Personal Trainer
With DocHQ Personal Trainer, you get all the benefits of personalised plans that are tailored to your goals. With real-time feedback on your performance, you can improve your posture and form with each session. All you need is a smart TV, computer or phone and a little space to work out.

Our real-life coaches are on hand to support you. DocHQ Personal Trainer, is the beginning of health and fitness journey today.

How DocHQ Personal Trainer Works

DocHQ Personal Trainer is an experience that’s as real as any session at your local gym.

It’s this easy to use

  1. Simply log on using your laptop, phone or cast to your smart TV - all from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Make sure your camera is turned on and adjusted to waist height, then step back so DocHQ PT can scan your entire body to give the real-time feedback. Get ready for your workout to begin.
  3. You’re ready to go! As you workout, DocHQ Personal Trainer tracks your movements and helps guide you to maximise your performance.
Introducing DocHQ Personal Trainer
Enjoy 24/7 fitness anywhere, anytime on any device. Personalised plans with real-time feedback and real-life personal trainers on hand to answer questions and offer advice.
Workout around your schedule
Not everyone has the time to get to and from the gym. With DocHQ Personal Trainer, you can exercise from the comfort of your home with zero travel, zero hassle and zero delay.
Keep track of your progress with your dashboard
Measure your progress with in-depth analysis, performance tracking and analytics. Get a personalised exercise plan that matches your level.

As your health and fitness journey unfolds, access your workout history and review your personalised plans – all from your dashboard. Every workout counts, so your plan will evolve to match your goals.
A plan to suit your needs
Our range of DocHQ Personal Trainer plans means that there’s one to suit everyone.

Every plan includes:
  • Real-time coaching
  • Personalised & evolving plans
  • The ability to track progress
  • The freedom to workout at any time

Try one of our workouts today!

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Customer feedback

After ten weeks of workouts with DocHQ personal trainer, 73% of participants outperformed gym goers and video exercise classes.

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