All American Express colleagues and contractors are strongly encouraged to take a COVID-19 test at home before entering Amex offices to help identify asymptomatic individuals, to stop the spread of the virus and protect each other.

Amex offers free lateral flow testing kits to all colleagues and contractors in partnership with DocHQ.

You are encouraged to pick test kits up from the offices – however if you’re unable to, then you can order them through this portal. You must only order tests for your own use. You need to use your Amex
(or vendor) email address to make the order.

All kits are FDA approved and in compliance with the UK Government guidelines. It's easy to use with guaranteed results within 20 minutes.

Order your Free Lateral Flow Testing Kits

Order today using your voucher codes in few steps. Kits will be delivered directly to your home address.

How to Take Your Test

Read the guide to understand the steps and avoid invalid results.

Watch the Video

Watch the video to understand the steps and avoid invalid results.