How DocHQ Works

We improve the health and wellbeing of your employees through expert advice, tools and support.

Keeping employee health simple

If you choose to use our video GP service, we create a personalised health profile for each of your employees. This helps businesses keep track of health trends and assess risk. If a staff member gets sick, they can easily book an appointment for fast medical support.

Book a mobile appointment
Treatment arranged within 24 hours
Follow up care after treatment

Making HR easier

Flexible solutions allow you to choose the services that are right for your team.

Easy onboarding to DocHQ Sick notes sent direct to you

Reduce your administrative costs

Your employees can be treated without leaving work

Prescription delivered to the workplace

Analyse workplace sickness trends

A personal service for your teams wellbeing

We take the time to find a package that suits you. Then we make DocHQ as simple and accessible for management, as it is for your employees.

Meet your DocHQ account manager
Share employee details for onboarding
Analyse workplace trends via dashboard

As an experienced GP, I have seen the frustrations of patients struggling to get the help they need. Our technology has allowed us to reach out to more patients, more quickly.

Dr Sridhar Lankey - Medical Director at DocHQ